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AudioMotivation is Re-loaded with a Constantly Expanding Library of Exclusive Interviews Designed to Uplift, Educate and Motivate You to New Levels of Wealth, Fulfillment and Greatness 

As the late, great Zig Ziglar once said, “People often say that motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing – that’s why we recommend it daily.”

That's what AudioMotivation is all about!

Every week we update the vault with fresh sessions so you can discover new ways to grow your business, overcome your own personal obstacles, or take purposeful action to improve your life. 

But then we take it one giant step further and interview people who have transcended their own unique struggles to achieve amazing, inspiring victories. They will share their stories with you so you can be moved to pursue your own greatness.

Channel 1: Business Growth 

We're interviewing CEOs, business leaders, marketing icons, and some of the hottest, most sought after entreprenur coaches and visionaries on the planet. 

You'll get high impact, fast paced, content-rich one-on-one sessions that hold nothing back. 

You will discover:

  • How to harness your mental toughness to succeed bigger, better and FASTER than ever 
  • The scientific reason for writing down your specific income goals 
  • Which small business marketing strategies are working RIGHT NOW (and which are "so last year")
  • How to skyrocket your business profits just by focusing on three critical strategies
  •  ...and much much more!

Our Members Have Spoken!

"I'm addicted to AudioMotivation every day. AudioMotivation is a great gift. Thanks, and Please never STOP. Thanks Andy, Thanks Josh." - Eugen Burdusel

 "I listen each day to get me in right frame of mind for facing the day with a positive attitude." - John Donaldson  

"I have only been a student of Self developement for the past 2 years, but in that time have spent quite a bit of money on different products etc. AudioMotivation represents unbelievable value for money. Thanx a million Andy and Josh." - Andrew Fenwick - England  

"Helps me to stay motivated; I feed my mind great material everyday." - Melvin Hill  

Channel 2: Self Mastery 

On this channel we will explore parts of ourselves that hold the keys to deep, lasting success and profound personal growth. 

We do this by picking the brains of the masters in the areas of Overcoming Limiting Beliefs, Defeating Self Sabotage, Harnessing the Law of Attraction, Developing a Wealth Mindset, Learning Positive Habits and much more.

You'll discover:

  • How to let go of resistance and create the life you always dreamed of
  • One of the greatest obstacles to becoming wealthy and how to get beyond it.
  • The one simple act will start a miraculous change in your life 
  • ...and much more!

More Rave Reviews from Our Members...

AudioMotivation has exposed me to an entire different world! For me it's an internet library about professional people worldwide, their lifestyles and having access to accelerated personal developement - the choice is mine! The variety is *SENSATIONAL*... I've not come across anything like it ever before - I was able to be in a better postion to select who I may want to take me to the next level in my life and I've now even chosen my coach/mentor too!  

Thank You immensely Josh & Andy... you have a *PHENOMENAL* membership program put together for the world to access 24/7 :-) All the very best to your continued successes!!  

For the first time in my life I am taking my written goals seriously and applying myself to achieving them. I am making good progress. It can only get better. Listening to the audios frequently is changing my mindset and my life.  

AudioMotivation has been a tremendous source of...well, motivation. I love listening to inspirational entrepreneurs such as Randy Gage, Dr. Joe Vitale and Cynthia Kersey. Nothing gets me fired up like listening to the successful people talk about achieving greatness!  

I can listen to these audios while I work at my computer. It makes me more excited about my days, knowing that I have an alternative to music or broadcast radio. With this option, it seems that I always have an attractive and exciting choice of input. It seems like I end my workdays more energized than when I arrive at work, and that makes my evenings wonderful.  

I have found personal satisfaction and revitalization from ideas I haven't thought of recently until they were brought up on your site. Ideas relating to not only achieving goals but also ways to become financially secure and positive minded.  

Channel 3: Going Deeper

This is where things start to get more intense. We will interview some of the most prolific, enlightened minds on the planet as we unlock the secrets of EFT, Mindfulness, Meditation, Energy Healing, Intuition and much more.

On this channel you will understand:

  • How to use the power of your mind to overcome any obstacle
  • How to unleash tapping to relieve stress, panic, pain and countless other challenges
  • Why 3 minutes of meditation is better than 30 minutes. 
  • How to know when it's just the right time to take the road less traveled
  • Why it's so important to trust your heart
  • ...and much more!

For the last 10 years I have built and transformed myself from a burned out Corporate Exec, through chronic illness and family turmoil into a very serene and dedicated coach specialising in building up people's confidence, understanding of life and re alignment. 

Haveing peeled most layers over the years Audio Motivation has helped me remove the last layer, giving me the strength to give up consulting and my old life and concentrate purely on coaching, mentoring and now speaking in public. By bringing well known names who willingly share has encouraged me to make the final step of a total life time commitment. - Philip A Gee  

I became a better person, helped me a lot in my personal development... - Vincent De Coch  

Channel 4: Inspiration 

This channel is really something special. We are constantly looking for the most inspiring comebacks, people who succeeded against all odds, whether it's rags to riches, or overcoming addiction, or prevailing against a physical challenge. We dare you not to be moved by these sessions. 

You'll hear from:

  • John DiLemme, who overcame severe stuttering to become a world famous motivational speaker
  • Tawana Williams, who was born without arms, and overcame addiction and rape to be a global voice for success, taking action and persistence

...and this is just the beginning! The fact is, there are so many people with their own stories of success in spite of dire situations, and here at Audio Motivation we will be bringing them to you.

"Having so many interviews to choose from enables me to gain access to an unlimited number of experts and if one does not hit the spot then there are many more all willing to share their advice and their knowledge. 

It is this willingness to share that makes Audio Motivation a "must have" addition to my arsenal of success tools. My life has been transformed because of this. I am motivated in a way that I have never been on a level that I thought was impossible. 

All areas of my life have received an injection of enthusiasm and vitality and I am attracting clients on an unprecendented scale. I have lots of energy and awake every morning with a huge 'Yes'. Thank you very much. You are a much needed voice in the field of personal and professional development." - Christine Barwell

Channel 5: The Classic Interviews

On this channel you'll go back to 2004-2008, when I was hunkered down in my basement with a piece or Radio Shack equipment stuck on my land line phone, talking to some of the greatest minds on earth. 

People like Brian Tracy, Bill Bailey, Charlie “Tremendous” Jones, Robert Anthony, Denis Waitley, Les Brown, Tom Hopkins, Joe Vitale and over 60 others!  

There are over 100 of these interviews in our classic vault, including some never released before, and now you have access to them 24/7.

Plus, Monthly Webinar Sessions with Josh Hinds and Andy O'Bryan, Co-Founders of Audio Motivation who have reunited after 10 years to help you succeed (these pics were taken back in 2005) !

We'll have surprise guests, inspiring stories, valuable lessons, bonus giveaways and some in-the-trenches wisdom on how to experience massive success in record time. 

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Today only, we're giving you the entire collection of TRANSCRIPTS of the Classic Audio Motivation sessions free when you purchase an Audio Motivation membership. You'll also get all our best features including: 

  • Exclusive Private Facebook Group
  • Action Plans for Each Interview
  • Previews of Upcoming Sessions
  • Exclusive Bonus Gifts from Our Guests
  • Transcripts of All Future Sessions on Every Channnel

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Become a member today. Inspect the membership area to your heart's desire for up to 30 days. Listen to the interviews as much as you want. Download all the transcripts. Use your newfound secrets, knowledge and insights in your own life. And if you are not 100% satisfied you will get a full stress free refund. 

That's how certain we are that you will love Audio Motivation. Fair enough?